About EIBA

The European Institute of Behavioural Analysis was founded the 1st of January 2013 in order to work for a more efficient society, more profitable corporations and in general happier people – through the innovative use of behavioural analysis.

EIBA has had one main project for the last year: collecting engagement surveys from publicly held corporations. These are analyzed to create a model that  predicts changes in corporate valuation. This is a long shot, but there are indications it can be done.

Secondly, the same data is also used to generate a model of communicative leadership.


Mårten Westberg is president. Mårten_glad_snett_uppåt-Small

Mårten Westberg is one of Sweden’s leading behavioral analysts in the last 20 years.  among the leading analysts of behavioural studies in Sweden.

In 1990 he executed the first Swedish modern analysis of a staff survey by correlating the results to sick leave in a large insurance corporation. Thereafter  followed a number of large studies for the main Swedish statistical institutes. Mårten Westberg is behind the first Swedish balanced scorecards.

Through the years Mårten Westberg has executed well over 20 large corporate analysis about the correlations between engagement, customer satisfaction and profitability – so called Service Profit Chain, Profit Chain or Service Chain.

Mårten Westberg has been working with practically all top Swedish businesses. With the European Institute of Behavioural Analysis Mårten Westberg helps broaden and develop the use of behavioural analysis to new areas.

European Institute of Behavioural Analysis has achieved the highest possible Credit Worthiness rating possible