Corporate Analyses

Flow predicts corporate valuation

The main project for 2013 and 2014 is a model of operationalizing flow from engagement survey data.  26 publicly traded Swedish companies have participated in this groundbreaking pilot study and the results are briefly discussed in this interview.

This pilot study will be continued in larger scale in cooperation with top scientists from the Stockholm School of Economics and Gothenburg University. Johanna Estius and Mårten Westberg are contacting HR directors, Communication directors and Presidents of Nordic publicly held corporations in order to get more companies on board, making more advanced quantitative analyses possible.

If you think your company might be interested in participating, please give us a call:

Mårten 070 567 18 88

Johanna 0708 62 58 96


EIBA loves the borderline between hard and soft data

Hard profitability, strategy implementation or personnel turnaround, soft customer satisfaction or employee engagement.

Balanced Scorecards have brought these issues to C-level, but the underlying assumptions are usually untested.

You would think that engaged staff makes happy customers which turns into a profitable business – but are you sure about that causality?

EIBA has over 20 years of experience in this field.  From the early scorecards to Service Profit Chain, Profit Chain, Service Chain and analyses of communicative leadership – a prerequisite to getting strategy happen.

Behavior drives attitudes. Attitudes need to be studied to find the way to alter behavior, but attitudes do not change by themselves. Aligning behavior is a much more successful in altering corporate culture and individual attitudes.

Communicative Leadership is such a behavior. CL connects strategy to behavior.  CL is how you align an organization.  We used to think it was goals or incentives.  Research shows both were wrong. CL is the shit!

Strategic Communicative Leadership is quite different from Operative Communicative Leadership, but you can probably guess most of the difference.

Strategic CL is partly like being a missionary.  You cannot reach new converts by just sending them copies of the Bible or the Koran.  As a missionary you need to travel.  And like any missonary you will encounter the difficulty of getting the sinners to come to church.  The sinners are the many managers who  do not take the time to listen because they are busy making money.  Proving the profitability of CL is one way to get them to come.

Operative CL is the art of helping everyone see how their every choice either helps or hurts the overall focus. It is the art of helping them see personal development in the choice that supports the overall organization. Jesus would have called this the narrow path.

Without Operative CL there can be no aligned organization. Without Strategic CL there is no direction in which to aim.

The idea of Communicative Leadership is so simple. The benefits are huge.  Pity it is such a difficult thing to do.  But then again, if CL was easy everyone would have it and it would no longer give you an advantage.